Mr Bilbo Baggins In The Hobbit

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In the literature The Hobbit, the topic is a great significance throughout the story line. Since it is based on the protagonist it is of huge importance from the ordinary Hobbit in this case Mr. Bilbo Baggins starts of as an ordinary plain hobbit that enjoys his humble home baking cakes and smoking Tobacco. As Gandalf entered his life it began an epic adventure from where the least expected events happened such as Bilbo experiencing situations in which he couldn’t imagine stumbling on if he would have stayed in his cozy house in a hole in the ground. Such as goblins almost capturing him and spiders eating him for a meal. Bilbo with his ring has found strength and courage to protect the dwarves and accomplish the quest in which the treasure …show more content…
The plot starts off as the “Negroes” are placed to fight each other in order to earn extra money including picking up copper or later revealed golden coins as advertisement coins from the electrifying shock rug. The white men are in charge as in when the protagonist said from his speech “social equality” instantly grabbed the attention of the white men causing a threat coming his way. As moving on to where the protagonist goes to a college from a scholarship he goes to an area that only consists of a colored family which in both the daughter and mother are pregnant. Supposedly when the man dreamed about a woman doing a deed he was basically on top of his daughter raping her. Astounded he explained that he has had a lot of stress with trying to come up with a way to gather food for all his family and his daughter getting attention from a young man it all seemed to pile up. He stated if they would have received assistance from others when he begged for necessities this event wouldn’t have happened. Being able to be in a college is a dream come true from all the recent activities they went through as with the farmer and The Golden Bay he is worried that in Mr.Norton’s condition he might as well get kicked off taking away his future. The style of the literature is as a perspective view from the protagonist thinking, as well as his emotions towards his surroundings. The plot is as declared about racial discrimination years ago in the 19th century from where the colored were below white men. They don’t have as many opportunities of education as well as still having a section for only whites as the other only for the