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Importance of Being Earnest

This essay is going explain in detail the main characteristics of Cecily Cardew and how she plays a key role thought out the play and in Importance of Being Earnest and how Oscar Wilde betrays her.

My first point is that Cecily at first can come across as quite arrogant and cocky. This is saying about Cecily that she has not really met anyone else besides the people she has lived with her whole life also she’s not really gone out before, she’s has stayed in the country house and never gone further. So when a new person comes along she is very intrigued about them and might ask questions that a normal person would think strange or even rude. This can be explain with the quote ‘ I have never met a really wicked person before’ also a reason to get attention, something she does not get much of at the country house.

My second point is in the same scene as the first but has the same concept of ill behavior towards Algernon. She says “Your are under some strange mistake… I am rather tall for my age’’ this applies that she is not use to people getting characteristics wrong about her and facts such as her age and being told that she is tall for her age. Also does not know that the outside world thinks it a good gesture if you tell a woman she looks younger than already is.

Thirdly, my point comes from Act two when Cecily is talking about men she likes and what type of man would suit her. She says, “Oh, I don’t think I would care to catch a sensible man” this says about the character of Cecily that she is insecure and has a very boring life living in the country house and learning with Miss Prism. She wants to have a man who cares about her and is also outgoing, wild and outrageous at the same time and wants to get away from her life at the moment. She doesn’t want boring and sensible man like her uncle Jack who is out time and not really seen by her. My fourth point is more about her appearance and less on the characteristics as a person. In the Book Algernon is telling Cecily that she is the prettiest girl he ever saw. Cecily responds to this and says ‘’miss prison says that all the looks snare’’. This shows us that Cecily is a very good-looking person and is admired from Algernon and envy from Miss Prism .So teaching her this information so she does not recognize herself as being pretty and thinking being good looking as being a trap and overall not being a good thing Cecily can believe this information from again not knowing what’s being respected as good in outside world so Miss Prism takes good advantage of her.

Fifthly, my point about Cecily is that she reads a lot and her imagination run wild. In the quotation ‘‘you dear romantic boy” she is talking to Algernon about how romantic he is. Cecily probably does not know much about romance just what she learn about from other people and books and her imagination filling up with thoughts. Also Cecily not having much