The Importance Of Dreams

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Dreams You may ask yourself, what are dreams? Do dreams exist? What do dreams do? Would dreams ever come true? Well in my opinion I think dreams are mainly important in life. It helps believe in yourself, it helps motivate, it even helps you in your present and future academic plans or even outside of school plans. I would be talking about how dreams are important in life and to me. In many occasions people believe that when they dream about something it won’t come true. I believe that if you believe in your dream and you do anything to make it happen, it can truly come into appearance in your future. I’ve dreamed before, but not the dreams where you sleep and wake up, but the ones that are in your heart and you want to achieve.
Having an American dream is what most of the country had back then. The American Dream back in the day was to simply come to America and get a job now its all about freedom and equality. As you can see, the America provides many people with good jobs, money, and much more, but through out the years everything starts changing so now it’s not just coming to America for good jobs its more about having freedom. May some people today still think in some parts of the United States the American Dream is still going onin my opinion I don’t think so. I know that the American dream now is not just for a job and the money but also for everyone’s freedom. When a dream is deferred a person can act differently for example, a person can be mad, or even pretend to be happy all the time, of course depending on each and everyone’s effects. Another example is when lets say a person, gives up on their dreams, they hide their dream and you really cant tell what their actual reaction is going to be. To be more specific, a persons who’s dream is deferred their dream is either put on hold or no longer exists and this means they really don’t have a dream anymore. Having a dream is for it to push you to do what’s good in life and how you want your life to turn out to be in the future. Not only do I believe in dreams but I also do believe that “wishing” upon something is very similar to “dreams” the only They are important to me, you, and mainly everyone else. Here in this cruel world everyone has a dream to have freedom in their life and if they want something they have to