Mr. Coltrane Case Summary

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Dr. Osborne requested an assessment for a Mr. Coltrane who presented the ED via LEO after he was being served a warrant for his arrest for a DV situation that occurred a weeks ago. Mr. Coltrane reported he was having suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation without a plan after LEO arrived to his home. At the time of assessment Mr. Coltrane was sleeping, however was awaken at the request of LEO (Deputy Hargrave) at bedside. Mr. Coltrane was calm, but uncooperative during the assessment. According to officer Hargrave from liberty police department, for the past 3 weeks a warrant for Mr. Coltrane arrest was issued due to an domestic violence situation. LEO were informed today Mr. Coltrane was seen near his home today disturbing the peace, so they went to arrest him. …show more content…
LEO reports while waiting for him to come out the door, Mr. Coltrane called 911 and reported he was suicidal and homicidal without a plan. LEO reports Mr. Coltrane informed them he is going to do this (referring to saying he is suicidal or homicidal) every time they come get him. Further stated, "I'm going to make it hard for y'all." When asked about suicidal ideation and homicidal ideation Mr. Coltrane refuse to respond to questions. When EMS arrive LEO reports he refused to be seen by EMS after LEO enter the home, however accepted services before coming to ED. Per documentation Mr. Coltrane refused vital signs, reports he is allergic to everything including handcuffs. No mention of current suicidal ideation or homicidal ideation to staff upon arrival or to QP. Mr. Coltrane does not appear to be experiencing any symptoms of psychosis, responding to internal stimuli, or showing sign of aggression. He does appear agitated at times during the assessment. It should be noted Mr. Coltrane has a history