Mr. Dees Essay

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1. Read and post answers to the questions for “Errors in Design.” Be prepared to discuss in class.

What advice would you give Keith for dealing with the Program Steering Committee?

I suggest him to modify the rules of compliance with his team and implement more monitoring and mentoring system among them, in order to figure out any problem and who is the responsible of making it.

Which other key stakeholders should Keith deal with? What advice would you give him for dealing with these other key stakeholders?

I think that the main problem here concentrated in the disability to control the cross functions, so they usually like to escalate and handle the issues and responsibilities between each
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Starting from the zero with moving to work in Mitsubishi Company which was chosen by him, and simultaneously managing the marketing issues of his local partnership company, then spending the next four years working three jobs to pay off the company’s debt which was accumulated by his partner, All of them refers of his personal characteristic of being a work oriented and commitment.
The third job of Mr.Dees in Iowa in Albert City Elevator after his second failure proves how he implemented the change management model within its paradoxical theory by analyzing the environment and making the required changes looking for the create, and the create and improvement for the company were happen as a result of his effective management, even the social challenges and ostracisms that were generated by his society.
Iowa state as a regional cooperative in Des Moines was the next station and position for him, which showed up his brightness and ability during three years to lead the control by coaching and mentoring his staff and encourage the collaboration between them by improving everyone knowledge and teaching them effective perform review techniques,

Even losing his earlier mentioned job at the end, due to selling the company and being a part of Cargill. Mr. Dees did not gave up and became a vice president for marketing and transportation for the Chicago, Central & Pacific railroad after proposing and