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Stuart HALL: Emergence of cultural studies and the crisis of humanities

In this article, Hall defined cultural studies as, innovative interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that searches to find out the ways of how or in which culture develops and changes people’s experiences in social everyday life. He then examines the relations between culture taken as a symbol in separating activities and cultures seen in other views as differentiating ways of living. Hall further explains that cultural studies are complex things to study which involves many fields of discipline depending on what change is to be initiated. Hall suggested solving the crisis of the humanities for the sake of conflict in social technology from United Kingdom’s point of view more especially from the ideas of growth and development in of cultural studies for instant, in Britain specifically from his own experience at the centre for cultural studies. Hall argues that, sociology seems possible but uncertain in humanities. For him, there is difficulty in understanding other cultural dialogues for example, people who see the world through modern worldview, tend to value opportunity, achievement, success, winning, status, and recognition and may tend to follow leaders who are perceived to have the most expertise and ability to achieve goals which may exclude others with low or poor achievement which will affect sociology of life as discussed by the author. But on the other side, will stimulate