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Felando War
Alcorn State University
Alcorn State, MS 39098

April 30, 2013

Timothy Dupree
Alcorn State University
Alcorn State, MS 39096

Dear Mr. Dupree: EN 213 has broadened my way of things through readings and life. This course has made me look at things not as what I see them, but what is not seen as well. Reading about a variety of different writers in different genres also improved my reading skills dramatically. Each writer had their own meaning and feeling to each piece of writing so as I read each story there was no set tone or set up. By reading with purpose it also gave me the opportunity to develop an understanding and appreciation of the literary texts I read. No reading we read actually gave the meaning of the story. There were clues that were not mentioned that you had to come to the conclusion of to get the meaning of it.
Throughout this course I also gained a broad knowledge of the elements of literature. I was also able to use the specialized vocabulary that literary scholars and critics use. The specialized vocabulary also helped me with my everyday life. I now find myself using some of these words we had as vocabulary words in my speech throughout the day. I did just learn to use them in my speech but I also learned to use them effectively in my writing. I do not plan to major in English but this was a useful skill to learn. I know the new skill will be very effective in my line of work and will help me out tremendously. Every field has its own vocabulary that works a little like a password and learning and by using that vocabulary is essential as a way of showing my competence in the field.
By reading these great literatures it allowed me to interact with the ideas of the authors. The authors had deep depth in all of their writings. The shortest readings to me had more meaning than the long readings had. The long readings gave more opportunity to grasp everything that was going on in the story while the short ones did not. The classroom discussions taught me to develop my own skills of critical analysis and helped me become a more independent thinker. I mentioned a few times throughout this paper but by reading