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Mr. Flowerbottom.
My special item is a giant mushroom. His name is Mr. Flowerbottom and he represents me in many ways. Like my mushroom counterpart, I not only use life to my advantage. Death is also fruitful because through growing on it, I am able to become stronger and learn from my experiences. The different types of mushrooms convey my mood. Sometimes I may be the magic psilocybe cubensis which teaches others, other times I may be the amanita bisporigera, the destroying angel, when I’m in a bad mood. Most of the time I am the common morchelle which is edible by all and not feared by any. The long stem of Mr. Flowerbottom represents my life leading up to its peak, the head. Here the intricacies, knowledge and the truth of life is stored waiting to be passed on and sprouted. The mushroom is the base of life. It thrives in any situation, any climate, in the light and in the dark. It is not dependent on others, it grows where it wishes. We mushrooms provide a means of both cleansing and nutrients for others. Mushrooms know and have experienced nature in its purest form. They can provide shelter for others and they can reveal to you the secrets of the earth and why things are. Mr. Flowerbottom represents the life of others and me in our most elementary form, functioning enough to stay alive and to help others. The flowers on Mr. Flowerbottom relate to my happiness and the joy of living. They show personality and joy. The floral design is symbol of detail and mystery, it requires thinking and imagination to decide why they are there and what they mean. My life is shown through these because I am also stuck on the great mysteries of existence and through thought and thinking someday