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| Galactic Marketing |
Semester 1, 2013
The object of this report is to assist students to develop critical thinking skills and business report communication skills by writing a short business report. This report is to be written after completing the accounting practice set. You (the student) are the accountant for Galactic Marketing and you will be writing this report to the owner of the business, Mr Alex Trang, to assist him with decisions he must make regarding the future of the business.
The word limit is 500 words and penalties apply for reports under/over word limit (up to10% variation on the word limit will be accepted).
This report will inform the owner of Galactic Marketing on the performance of the business for April 2013. It will discuss alternatives available to Mr Alex Trang on the future of his business and the implications of these various alternatives.
The report will draw conclusions from the data available and make recommendations to the owner. When writing the report please take into consideration the following information: * An extensive television advertising campaign publicising Galactic Marketing was promoted during January, February and March. Although the campaign is proving to be successful, Alex has decided to save money by cancelling any further television advertising. * Alex has had to increase his workload to seven days a week during March and April due to the success of the television advertising campaign. * Technology within the business is becoming outdated and an estimated $25,000 of new computer hardware and software is needed