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An inclusive approach to learning and teaching that aims to meet every individual student’s learning requirements would benefit all students and not only those who declare their disability or are able to get funding through the Disabled Student Allowance (HE) or additional support units (FE). Geoff Petty, in his book “Teaching Today: A Practical Guide”1 Planning Inclusive Learning and teaching in accordance with internal processes and external requirements.
1. Devise a Scheme of Work in accordance with internal processes and external requirements.
2. Devise session plans which meet the needs of all learners and curriculum requirements.
3. Reflect on how teaching methods meet the needs of all learners.
4. Identify ways in which lesson plans can be adapted to meet the individual needs of all learners.
Some inclusive approach to teaching and learning, in accordance with internal process and external requirements are given below:
The internal procedure & the external requirement:
Students must know where material, equipment and other learning resources are kept.
Blind students may need to get notes Brailled or recorded.
Deaf students may need lip-read or speaker or watch an interpreter.
Interpreters, note takers, transcribers etc can be prepared for context and technical terms
Redecorate areas in bright colours
Relocate coat racks and ensure ‘easy stowing’ systems for shoes
Fit blinds in ’sun trap’ rooms
Use visual display around the room to highlight key topics, key words, and key concepts
Use visual display to tell the story…