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In this paper I will be discussing the effect of Fashion Industry on Self-Esteem & Body Image. Everybody has their ideal perfect model body image stuck in their head to reach that certain goal to consider themselves “perfect”. Now these days, Models set high standards for viewers. Photo editors change the minds of young teenager to adults to make them seem they are not good enough if they do not look like the person on the cover on that magazine. Many of these teenager and young adults struggle with depression and eating disorders. The percent of girls that have problems with their self-esteem is at 70%. Girl with low self-esteem get involved in eating disorders, depression, and drugs. Many people do not think this can actually change the way people view themselves now. From recent studies, today’s model weighs about 23% less than a normal woman. Many teenagers think that the model is perfect and will do anything out of their way to be just like the model. Most of the idea catches the mind of the viewers just as the person who published that wants this to work like that. Eating disorders can start by a simple picture to catch the eye to somebody wanting to be different. Producers make it seem that this would not be harmful at all to make people think it is okay to starve themselves enough to have success. People can get frustrated easily when they do not meet their needs and wants, causing them to fall into society’s minds. People who struggle with eating disorders and