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Data Visualization has allowed myself to create three exercises. Those exercises are the ones that been shown previously.
These exercise were made each week during class and has been more and more complex with the addition of knowledge gained during the first couple weeks.
We have started by representing events that occur on the same day as our day of birth then on the week after we have create a simple LATCH graphic of ourselves using simple information and in the last week, we had to create a more complex LATCH graphic which represented the “Sin city”.

To begin with we will be discussing about the methods of organization that is called LATCH.
This abbreviation comes from “Location Alphabet Time Category Hierarchy”. It is believed that information may be infinite, however... The organization of information is finite as it can only be organized by LATCH.
Hence the first work show­­­n is the one called the Sin city, the last exercise that has allowed me to make many researches and using the data provided from various crime statistic to create a LATCH graphic.
Minimal colors are used in this work because a Sin city has a dark and dangerous vision to it. Therefore three main colors are being used which is black, white and red.
Also, the main topic of this Latch is violence this is why the majority of the graphic is in red (blood).

The second piece is the first exercise we have done in class. The top parts are the event that has happened on the seventieth of December and the