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Tue, November 13, 2012
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Sometimes change is difficult. However, with foresight and initiative, the following businesses were able to see beyond their challenges and looked towards future solutions. Every client is different, and each one engaged CPEhr’s services to solve their unique business challenges. By applying a personalized solution to each situation, CPEhr successfully parterned with each client to achieve their strategies and long-term goals.
Case Study #1: Healthcare/Non-Profit
Case Study #2: Hair Salon Chain
Case Study #3: Retail Franchise
Case Study #4: Agriculture/Farming

Case Study #1
Industry: Healthcare/Non-Profit
Business: Cardiovascular Medical Group
Challenge: Managing Employment Risk
Company Background
This medical practice was founded in 1980 with the mission to provide the highest quality health care combined with clinical research and education. It is currently one of the few cardiovascular practices in the country that balances private practice with academic medicine, and runs one of the world’s largest cardiac transplant programs. They currently employ over 30 employees, but are opening two more locations by the beginning of 2008, and are expecting to significantly grow their employee base in the coming months.
It was obvious to the Executive Director of this prestigous medical practice that his time would be best spent on providing superior patient care and conducting scientific research. Managing employee issues should have been the last thing on his mind. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.
Business Challenges
As the practice grew in size and prestige, the Director recognized the critical role Human Resources played in his practice. “We do not have a dedicated HR staff,” he explains, “But I understand that human resources can’t be put on the back burner. HR is still a critical part of our practice.” With the lack of sufficient internal HR resources they struggled to standardize employee practices and stay abreast of changing employment regulations. While the Director and his Office Manager continued to personally handle the employee relations, an incident pushed them to consider outsourcing their human resources to a professional firm.
An argument ensued between two front office staff, and the altercation ended with one employee threatening to physically harm the other. The event was witnessed and the employee was let go. A short time later she sued the practice for race discrimination. Even though, at the time, the Director was sure he was doing the right thing, he ended up in an 8 month lawsuit with the EEOC that cost him hundreds of hours of time and distracted him considerably from running the practice. While he ultimately won the case, he realized it was time to work with human resource professionals. He needed a firm who would help him structure an HR system to prevent this from recurring, and to take over the administration of a lawsuit if one ever occurred again in the future. “As our firm continues to grow and we open new offices, managing the staff in multiple worksites is only going to become more complicated,” he says. He invited CPEhr to present their outsourcing HR solution, and quickly engaged their services.
HR Solutions
Upon entering the HR Outsourcing relationship with the practice, a CPEhr