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1. With reference to the firm in the case study, describe the basic components of a work organization.
An organization has been described as an arrangement for achieving controlled performance in pursuit of collective goals and it is also a crew of people engaged in a joint enterprise.
An organization will have controlled performance with standards, its members identifying goals, measurement and comparisons of actual versus plan, corrective action. Controlled performance requires functions and division of labors between members of an organization. So even the most basic organizations will have functions such as finance, production and sales.
The firm operated with the team comprised David, Neil who are the highest management of the organization and two other qualified engineers: Jack, a recent high flying graduate and James, a 30 year old engineer who had not, as yet, completed his full charter. In addition there were two qualified technicians and one apprentice technician.
a Using a recognized classification, explain the importance of the four main goals of the organization in the case study. b Identify examples of objectives and policy from the case study and comment on how effectively you believe they have been implemented.
a. There is one classification of four recognized main goals for an organization; they called operational goal, product goal, consumer goal and secondary goal. Goals cover the areas such as staffing levels or technology to be used called operational goal, product goal relates to such things as the range of products and services, goals pertaining to the customer are called consumer goal.
The firm can provide high quality service at quoted price through setting a consumer goal, whilst to know what is being performed and whereabouts of staff at any given time; or use local contractors for development as operational goal, or product goal can help the firm provides the best designs through well trained staff, besides, secondary goal can be set through using local firms for services to the company.
b. The staffs were approximately trained in the latest technology; this enabled the company to produce the design at high specification as efficiently as possible. The main objective of the firm was to provide a high quality services and through the objective they made it has achieved. Another objective of the firm is that to complete work on time and within price, this objective makes people feel they are faithful and customers can completely trust them so that they controlled the market share.
As a general policy, the works must be distributed and make final decisions through him. I don’t think it is the intelligent policy, his major…