Regular And Consistent Communication With Customers

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Regular and consistent communication with customers is absolutely necessary, for any organisation wishing to function in ways that will deliver products or services to customer specification within the organisations business plan.

There are various methods and procedures that might be used by organisations to communicate with customers, to identify and agree on product or service specifications. One of these methods is questionnaire surveys. Questionnaire surveys can be grouped to face to face surveys, written surveys, electronic surveys and telephone surveys. These surveys consist of questions that will identify customer expectations, needs and wants.

Another method an organisation can use to communicate with customers is through advertising; this includes billboards, flyers and banners, pamphlets, television, radio, internet and bus shelters. Advertising will inform customers and potential customers about the different products and services, their utilities, cost and other requirements. Advertising helps customers in making better purchases. Advertising can also lead to direct feedback from customers, it has been seen that a lot of opinions are received by advertisers on their products and services; this helps the organisation to identify and agree on product and service requirements to meet customer expectations. Another way of advertising is through is by public relations. This is when an organisation hires people to get the message out to people, news outlets for example.

Another way a business can communicate with customers is through customer service efforts. Front-line employees, such as cashiers and receptionists, represent the business. These employees will speak with customers face-to-face, over the telephone, or they may use email or written communications to respond to customer concerns.

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Sales, customer service and marketing activities might be provided by teams depending on the type of product offered and the structure of the organisation. Teams are groups of people who come together to achieve explicit goals.

To identify quality and delivery standards the teams should adhere certain steps and planning processes have to be put in place.

The following steps can put in place

• Break larger goals down into small achievable, measurable steps • Enable team members to clarify the actions they need to take • Define and clarify customer service goals, objectives and standards • Define sales targets • Identify the time frames, milestones and deadlines for completion of various objectives • Identify the personnel to be involved in achieving the goals • Specify the various roles of team members • Identify the resources needed to achieve the objectives • Identify reporting procedures and expected outcomes • Let each team member know