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Brannon Jones
Ancient Greek
Essay #2
The Ancient Greeks
The Ancient Greeks especially the Athenians were a unique group of people. Athenians believed as long as individuals act within the laws they would be free. They created many of the systems we still draw on in today’s society. The ancient Greeks gave a whole meaning to what “civilization” meant. Although the Ancient Greeks were not perfect, their achievements are notably admirable and different from all other groups of people. The Greeks believed in the ability to strive for excellence under all circumstances and whether or not they achieved success in every case, by having this mindset allowed them opportunity to excel in all things in life.
The Ancient Greeks were famous for their beliefs and academic developments. They also made contributions which had an influence on math and science. The thing that made them different was their unique methods in science, math and philosophy that’s what helped separate them from other people and others culture.
One of their most notable achievements they had was the development of early democracy and the installation of the “Delian League”. The Delian League was eventually reconstructed into an Athenian Empire Pericles. Pericles was one of the great Athenian people, who was a statesman that held his position for a long time because he was picked over and over by people. He was high influence on Athenian society and was announced as the first citizen of Athens. Pericles made it possible for male citizens to propose laws on their own and have representation on the Greek Council. The Ancient Greeks were the first known civilization to create a form of democracy in their government.
The Ancient Greeks weren’t just known for having a democratic government, they were also known for their excellent art and