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Hunter Taylor

Mid­Term Essay
Out of three books that i have read this year there have been many cultural conflicts throughout each of them but here are three examples of some of the conflicts in each of the books. In the book Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian there were many conflicts involving the main character. An example of ones of these conflicts is when Arnold the main character had to switch schools from his school on the Indian Rez to an all white school in a town not far from his home. This was a conflict for Arnold because the other Indians did not agree with the decision at all and started to hate Arnold and pick on him including his lifetime best friend, Rowdy. When Rowdy found out about this the first thing he did was punch Arnold in the face. That is an example of one of the cultural conflicts in the book the Absolute True Diary of a
Part Time Indian. In the book Runner a senior boy in high schools gets involved with what he thinks is drug smuggling but turns out to be so much more. This is a major conflict in the story because the boy ends up getting involved with terrorist by helping them sneak bombs into the harbor. Towards the end of the story the boys father ends up getting killed by the terrorist while trying to save his town by stopping them. this is a conflict because getting involved with what he only thought was drug smuggling ended up getting his father killed. In the last book Tuesdays With…