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"Will have equality and diversity embedded within the organisation". Equality and diversity is a term used to describe how there will be opportunity for all, giving every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination. This quote means they will try and incorporate equality and diversity more into their organisations, for example by the use of posters and advertising. Additionally, training could be set up so that the staff know more about equality and diversity and this might help them understand what is expected of them in the practice.

"Will regularly seek engagement with all parts of its community including those from protected groups and will ensure that they are involved and included in decision making" this will cover all parts of the community, which is made up of different groups of people including; race, culture, religion, age, gender, homosexuals and heterosexuals, this is a way of bringing everyone together in diversity and equality. This will also mean that everyone is included and the community will feel a part of the service, making it more successful because of the different ideas coming from the community who already use the service. As a result the quality of care could be even better than it was before.

"Will provide fair, accessible and good quality healthcare services for all of its patients" no one is left out everyone is then entitled to good quality health care, which is catered to the needs of the patient. This might bring in more people because there might be parts of the communities that might not feel like they can be a part of the service. (The Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals)

"Building strong, safe and inclusive communities where people from all backgrounds come together" bringing in everyone as a community Poole Borough Council promotes anti-discriminatory practice by treating everyone equally. This also means there will be a strong set of support in the practice depending on the individual needs. This will also break down barriers by not leaving people out all parts of the community will come together and work as a unit.

"Enabling people to influence decisions that affect their lives and no community is hard to hear" this promotes anti-discriminatory practice by making sure no one is ignored, everyone's view counts. Instead of asking one person, by asking an entire community individually could make the projects more successful and also at the same time bring everyone together.

"Being an employer of choice, promoting fair pay and equal access to employment" even as employee's no one will be turned away based on discrimination of any kind. This will bring them more applicants and people will want to work there as a result they will get a good reputation in the community. Additionally this might set an example in the community and other employers might want to follow in these footsteps. (Borough of Poole)


"Will have equality and diversity embedded within the organisation" These maybe ignored in the practice, due to ignorance or failure to adjust. Staff may not be informed of the changes properly. The staff might have a difficulty adjusting to the new policies and as a result staff might not know what they are doing.

"Will regularly seek engagement with all parts of its community