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''In what extent working environment influence employee performance at PAUL''

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Aims and objectives:
Significance of study:
Timeframe of the study:
Limitations of the study:

Key words:

Index to the Research project proposal

1.0:– Justification of the study, study aims and study objectives/subsidiary questions
1.1 Introduction

1.1.1 General academic theme

1.1.2 Focussed academic theme

1.2 Context/ Background

1.3 Research question with supporting aims and objectives and subsidiary questions

1.3.1 Research question

1.3.2 Aim of the study

1.3.3 objectives of the study (if appropriate)

1.3.4 Subsidiary research questions (if appropriate)

1.4 Significance of the proposed study

1.5 Organisation of the proposal

2.0: Preliminary Literature Review (Theoretical underpinning of the proposed study)

2.1 Introduction to the Literature Review

2.2 Review of the Literature Underpinning the Study

2.3 Conclusions to the Literature Review

2.4 References (listing of the journal articles reviewed)

3.0: Methodology (Philosophy underpinning data collection and analysis and related tools and techniques)

3.1 Research philosophy

3.2 Research paradigm

3.3 Research design

3.4 Research methods

3.5 Consider each objective subsidiary research question in turn

4.0: Directions for further research studies (Addressing de/limitations in the proposed study)

5.1 Limitations of proposed study

5.2 Directions for further research studies

5.0: Project management plan (Managing resources and time for successful project completion)

6.1 Accessibility to research participants and to scholarly evidence and other resources

6.2 Time management - Gantt chart for the research study

7.0: References (Cited works listed using the Harvard referencing system)

Appendix 1: Letter requesting access to (proposed participant) organisation

Appendix 2: Participant information sheet and consent form

Appendix 3a: Data collection tool - Study questionnaire incorporating PIS and Consent statement

Appendix 3b: Data collection tool – Open-question-items schedule for a semi-structured interview

Appendix 5: Work plan for the proposed study - Gantt chart

Appendix 6: Completed Glyndwr University research ethics form

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