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Faculty of Business and Information Technology

Auckland Campus


530 Organizations and Management
Trimester One 2013

Weighting 10%

Submission Date: 11 March 2013

Topics | Actual Marks | Total Marks | Case 1: ORGANISATIONAL CULTURE “ Sol Cleaning Service” | | 35 | Case 2: SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY “After the gold rush” | | 35 | Total | | 70 |

Instructions A) From the two sets of Case Studies given to you- answer ALL the questions given in the succeeding pages in compliance to a requirement for this paper. B) You must read the policies and procedures in the Course Outline on plagiarism and copying from other’s assignments. C) The lecturer is not responsible to give additional extra copies of cases. Keep your own copies with your name on it. D) Remember to stick to the due date to avoid the penalty on late submission. E) Any statements copied from the case (or from a book) should be followed with your own explanation- to get the full marks. F) Attach the two sets of Case Studies together with your Answers upon submission on the due date.

Jene Parilla
Business Lecturer


Case 1: “Sol Cleaning Service”

Answer the following questions:
(Answers to each question should not be more than 300 words; double-spaced; 12-font)

1. Give the meaning of Organisational Culture. And, describe the Organisational Culture of “Sol Cleaning Service”. (6 marks)

2. List and explain six signifiers and its symbolisms that show the company’s organisational culture. (12 marks)

3. Discuss why they are different from other businesses’ organisational culture?
(To answer this question, mention other cleaning company that you know and compare it with “Sol Cleaning Service”). (4 marks)

4. Explain the following phrase which the chairperson of the company, Liisa Joronen believes:
“In a service business,