Cardiovascular Disease Essay

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The most common cause of death in Australia is cardiovascular disease (CVD). The definition of cardiovascular disease “refers to diseases of the heart and blood vessels”. In the case study Simon with his non active lifestyle, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle choices and age range is a good candidate for heart disease.
Men over the age of 45 are at greater risk of CVD, and Simon at the age of 53 is certainly now in the danger zone. To keep your heart healthy exercise plays an important role, and Simon’s has a job that has him not moving for long periods of time and his idea of exercise is to watch the footy on the television. The amount of work done by the heart is effected by a person’s weight and the condition of their blood vessels and Simon’s daily diet of fatty takeaways, television dinners and pub meals is the opposite of what he should be doing. The only other major ways to damage the heart is by smoking and regular drinking of alcohol and Simon does both of these.
All is not lost for Simon, he can make positive steps to change his lifestyle and reduce the risk of heart disease. When suggesting changes there is clear there are some risks factors that cannot or are difficult to change, for example age or career choices; but they can be worked around. If Simon was to give up smoking with the help of the Heart Foundation Smoke free campaign then the time spent on smoke breaks could be spent on a fifteen minute walk around the block at work. Two smoke breaks a day add up to the recommended thirty minutes daily exercise. With the help of a dietician Simon does not