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Academic and Professional Scenarios Worksheet


2506 N Spence Ave

Goldsboro NC 27530

Dear John Taylor
Account No: 1235698

On July, 29, 2014 I bought a whirl pool washer and Dryer set .I was told that for a extra 40.00 I would get a year warranty and free deliver .Unfortunately your deliver driver was very rude when they arrive at my resident they drop my appliances I ask them was they going returned them back to the store he said he didn’t see no reason I explain to them that the damages might not be visible he said he didn’t have time for all that because he had another appointment. To resolve my problem please send someone to pick up this set and send me 2 new ones .I have enclose a copy of my receipts .I look forward hearing from you I can be reach at 9192736944

Felicia Jackson


Bob Smith

I was looking over my week 3 English grades I have went over it several times I just cant seem to figure out why I receive the grade. I sent you a email on September 1,2014 ask you to please explain my grades for the week well I am still unsure why I receive the grades so am asking you will you send me a more detailed explanation so I can get a better understanding and again thank you very much.


Felicia Jackson

Part 2
The two difference between Academic and Professional Writing is Academic writing prepares students to Demonstrate and understanding in writing as a series of tasks