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Assessment 2: Report (approx 2000 words) 30%
The Management Problem at Valve Software
Due Monday (5th Aug, 2013) Week 11 via Safe Assign link below before midnight Brisbane time.
Assessment 2: Report


Introduction & Purpose of Report
This essay will describe The Management Problem at Valve Software within organization and their potential problems. And also will discuss organization structure and it cultural behaviors The Management Problem at Valve Software would have to manage a value stream across several businesses or organizations.

1. Problem Identification
A problem at Valve as with all things, there are limitations to Valve’s adopted arrangement. The handbook acknowledges six of them: 1. They’re not good at inducting new people. 2. The lack of structure makes it difficult for mentoring to occur. 3. Internal communication is inefficient without a clear structure. 4. They’ve tended not to hire people from completely different disciplines. 5. They can’t make long-term predictions. 6. They miss out on hiring people who prefer structure.
A further disadvantage is that Valve corporately struggles to meet promised deadlines. With no managers setting schedules, employees take however long it takes to get things done, and as a result gamers never know how long they have to wait for the next release to come out. Apart from these problems, maybe it is possible to be productive without people telling you what to do all the time.

1.1 Lack of Strategy Implementation
Planning involves establishing the organizations strategy and deciding how to best allocate and use resources to achieve organizational goals. Through organizing, managers establish a structure of relationships that commands how members of an organization work together to achieve the organization's goals. Leading involves encouragement from managers for workers to do a good job and coordinate individuals and groups so that everyone is working to achieve the organization interest.
They are beginning to view organizational behavior as an intricate piece of training and development of the workforce. Soft skills were never a part of management training and it was rare that managers were commended for having those skills. In the business world today, I feel organizational behavior is an essential tool for managing effective teams

2. Organizational Culture

Everything about the way that Valve does things is a reflection of its culture – the values, ideals, beliefs and expectations shared by members of the organization. We can see that they really value their people, and recognize that each and every employee brings something special to the team. The culture manifests itself even through something as trivial as the office furniture. Desks have wheels and are specifically designed to be easy to move. The handbook asks you to move yourself so you can be “in close proximity to the people who you’d help or be helped by most”. So you’d never get bored of sitting in the same spot every day and everyone can sit everywhere! When I heard about that I was wondering how you would have any chance of finding someone whose stapler you need to return. But they have a solution for this – a special internal website tells you the location of each person’s computer within the office and how to find them! 1.1 Analysis

1.2 Nokia’s Complication Culture

3. Organizational Structure
It’s the flat organisational structure has no clearly defined boundary separating management from employees. It is a more falter and open structure known as the "humanistic" or "organic" style of management whereby employees and managers are seen as equal partners working towards a common goal.
It is a more humane and "long-term thinking" style of management that permits the decision-making process to be distributed throughout the organisation as a way of tapping onto