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Task 1:

Understand the relationship between strategic management and leadership

1.1 Explain the link between strategic management and leadership

According to Barratt and Mottershead (2000) (p.69), strategy is described as the way of achieving our objectives. So we can say that strategy is not about ideas only. Defining a strategy means that you are actually defining a road map for achieving your goals. When we define the strategy we are actually working out a plan for the betterment of our organization. Strategy enables us to ensure that all our work and things we do every day are going to help us in the long term interests of the organization.
Strategic Management:
Strategic Management is the process of establishing and maintaining good strategies. Making and defining strategy is not enough, you will have to work out a plan for implementing that strategy in its true spirit. Good strategic management is plays a key role in approaching business opportunities and challenges.

There are different ways of describing leadership so it is very difficult to provide a single definition that fulfills the task. As Brindley and Buckley (2004) (p.96) argued hat,
“Leadership has been identified as the process by which individual and group activities are influenced towards organizational goals”.
The same thing is narrated in Business Management Study Manual compiled by The Association of Business Executives (p.226).
They are of the view that, “Leadership is a process by which individuals are influenced so that they will be prepared to participate in the achievement of organizational or group goals.”
All these things emphasize on one basic idea and that is Inspiration or Influence. So we can say that Leadership is the art of getting things done by inspiration or influence of the leader on its followers while Management mainly depends on the analysis and ground realities
After all the conversation we came to the assumption that Leadership and Strategic management are interconnected with some secondary differences. In the situation of strategic management we are trying our best to accomplish several long term objectives and the same is the case with leadership. In both scenarios we should have someone with an open imagination; either it’s leader or manager.

1.2: Analyze the impact of management and leadership styles on strategic decisions.
Leadership and Management Styles:
There is famous saying that, “Change is the only unchangeable thing in nature”
. {Heller,Hindle (2008)}. Likewise in our everyday time factors are varying fast and we have to take on ourselves to these transformation. We can’t state that we will hang about in the similar circumstances evermore. We have to take action concurrence the scenario. So the managers and leaders agree to different styles for different situation. According to Whitcomb (2000), some famous and widely recognized styles are:
In this style people have to do the task as they are told to do, they have no question to ask to the management in simple word they have no role in decision making.
In this style every employees who have effecting direct or in-direct are allowed to take parts in decision making process and express the point of view freely.
In this style people have to show their inner ability to do the task by their best, once they are told to do way of doing the task then they are left alone to tackle the process by themselves.
In this style leader personal thoughts and personality affects a lot, because of his/her way of treat people and motivate, encourage them makes people more influence on work. Task 1.3: Evaluate how leadership styles can be adopted to different situations.
The situation makes leaders to adopt the style by them, such as in many scenarios on war the commander has to make the decision on spot according to the demand, as of natural disaster there is not time to