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Phil Stark
THE 250
Mr. Roberts Summary

Mr. Roberts Summary

Mr. Roberts was a little bit of a different look on comedy compared to previous plays we have watched in class. I really liked how it was funny without actually having to be funny because the main character of the play really isn't all that funny on his own but the way the play is written the characters around the main character make it funny. Mr. Roberts had a more serious tone but I thoroughly enjoyed it. In Mr. Roberts, the setting is a naval ship in WWII in which a lieutenant is on a ship that only gives cargo to the war ships, and does not actually see any battle. The lieutenant, Mr. Roberts, is very adamant about have a good crew with high morale and it seems that the captain could care less about the crew or its morale. This causes quite a riff between the captain and his second in command, the lieutenant. The crew looks at Mr. Roberts in such high esteem because he is always calling the captain out and sacrificing himself for the betterment of the crew. The captain strongly dislikes the lieutenant because he contradicts him in front of his crew and he writes letters to the higher officers in the army asking to be transferred because there is "disunity" between the captain and his crew and this makes the captain look bad. Towards the end of the play the lieutenant strikes a deal with the captain that if the lieutenant stops writing letters for good, the crew can have some liberty at the current port. The lieutenant is distraught over this but makes the deal anyways, eventually the crew forge the captains signature on one of Mr. Roberts old letters and he gets called to battle. Tragedy strikes at the end of the movie