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It was April 18, 1906, my second year into prison and the good news was that I’d finally be getting out that day, finally being able to see my three children Mark, James, and Jonathan. I was filled with excitement because I would finally get out and explore the world which I hadn’t seen for what had seemed like a century. I watched the guard walk back and forth into the halls as I smiled in joy, knowing I’d never had to see him again. He looked at me with a serious expression, but I countered his frown with a wide smile; it seemed as nothing could ruin this day. Suddenly the floors began to shake, causing me to quickly get up and hold onto the cell bars. My eyes began to widen as I saw the lights shaking and the dust coming from the ceiling. Besides the continuous roar of what I now knew was an earthquake I could vividly hear the repetitive sound of buckets rolling up and down the halls. There was also the distinct high voice of the women across the hall screaming in fear,until about 10 seconds later when she collapsed to the floor no longer being able to take the rough waves of one of the strongest earthquakes of all time.Throughout the entire earthquake it seemed as if my entire life flashed through my mind. All the important parts and people of my life had been rushing through my head; my children, wife, parents, aunts, uncles, puppy, even my old job. It felt as if this would be my last minutes in the world, and in the worst place possible, jail. Eventually the mighty earthquake had finally been defeated. I rubbed my entire body just to make sure I was still alive or if I had died and gone to Hell. I blew in relief and quickly laid on my bed. Two guards then came down the hallway asking if everybody