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Quality Management: The system of quality management includes standard procedures and methodologies designed to ensure that the works are constructed to all standards. Quality standards for materials and labor are defined in the contract. Some proceedings described in the contract, while others must be agreed between the engineer and the contractor prior to the start of construction. This section outlines the requirements for quality control for the construction of large bridges elements of. Contractual requirements are detailed in the technical specifications the appropriate items. This QA plan should not be used as a substitute technical specification, which is legally binding on both parties to the contract.

Main Features of Quality Management in Construction: * The Contractor must obtain written approval from the Engineer before bringing materials to the site. The approval is based on the analysis of samples to demonstrate compliance with the specification, as well as storage and management of that ensure constant quality control of approved procedures is maintained. * The records must be kept of all materials on the site, with corresponding tests to confirm compliance with the specifications and location of permanent structures on materials incorporated. Materials that do not meet specification requirements should be rejected by the Engineer and removed from the site by the contractor. * The Contractor shall obtain the written approval of the Engineer before starting work each stage. The approval is based on the successful preparation of control tests works and quality in the previous phase of work with other requirements specification.

Points to be covered in Quality Management: * Materials storage and control on site: All materials brought to the site must be free of harmful substances contact and shall be placed as close as possible to all. Aggregates of different sizes are stored in different and types Collection bins or containers which are separated by appropriate from each other partitions. The type and size of all bins or containers will to the satisfaction of the Engineer. The same rules apply to all materials brought site, including reinforcing steel, prestressing cables, bearings, drainage fittings, etc.

* Temporary Works: Typical temporary work for a bridge project may include bypass roads of utilities detour, construction of culverts and islands batteries n / dug in the river. In all cases the contractor will submit designs and drawings of these works official approval by Engineer, including a maintenance program for you.

* Preparatory Works: Preparatory work is an important aspect of quality control, for example, the excavation line and trimming, shuttering, fixing the level of reinforcement, etc., and often fail to sufficient attention.

* Tests of Materials: Before starting work, testing should be performed by a approved laboratory in material samples (or mix designs) submitted to the Engineer for approval. No material deliveries will be allowed until the samples have been and control system approved by written materials. * Workmanship: The test is needed to confirm that the approved construction materials are mixed, placed and compacted during construction. Preparatory work for the concrete must be reviewed and approved at each step, for example, building, form work, monitoring mix.

* Quality control tests: The specification defines the quality control tests must be taken at each stage of the Works, as well as the frequency and outcomes. Works that are not covered by the general specification should be included in a specification, including tests, frequency and results of materials and labor.

* Excavation: