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Camp to Belong
Camp to belong (CTB) is a small community of people that spread the whole world. The community consists of adults who volunteer their time and children who are in the foster care system that have been separated from a sibling. Here in orange county there where 50 adults and 110 children. This community of people was present in 13 states and has had 2500 campers come through the camps since the beginning of CTB 17 years ago. Camp to belong is an international nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to “give sibling the right to reunite.”(Camp to belong) The whole organization is made of volunteers and foster children. The main interaction with all the members is with the week long summer camps that happen in different areas but there are also sibling reunions throughout the year and fundraises like the amazing race.
All of the volunteers have separate professions but the majority of the volunteers work in the mental health field or are CASA workers. The responsibility of the adults at the camp is to provide a place where the children can create childhood memories. We are not there to heal issues, just for the memories. The volunteers give seven days of their time to be counselors and participate in the fund raisers. The Campers are between the ages of 6 and 19 who are separated from at least one sibling. These kids come from group homes, adopted homes, foster homes and, emergency shelters. The camp is designed to give these kids a change to know and