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Module Title: Research Design and Critique

Assessment: Full Research Proposal

Assignment Title: An investigation into the factors that influence the Glaswegian public’s choice of car.

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Date of Submission: November 29th, 2012

An investigation into the factors that influence the Glaswegian public’s choice of car.

The number of automobiles had risen to over 1 billion vehicles all the world in 2010, which is 20 times more than this number in 1986(Sousanis, John,2011). Car plays a indispensable role in today's society, according to a survey from World Bank(2011), the number of ownership of motor
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Beside this, the author might overlook the fact that distribution intensity contributes to high-end car brands.

Dharmaraj,C., Clement,S.J.,(2010). Brand Preference Factors of Passenger Cars: An Empirical Assessment, Indiana University Press, The IUP Journal of Brand Management, 7(3),19-33.

This article mainly analyzes the factors which will influence consumer's automotive brand preference. According to the author's study, performance of passenger cars are considered as the most important factor which might dominate consumer's preference, especially for male consumers, but economic abilities are the bases of the preference. In addition, the marketing communication strategy of a car will also largely affect the overall decisions of consumers. In conclusion, the comprehensive strength of a car, such as safety factor, industrial design, stability, scientific and technological content, durability, daily use cost, re-sale value , fuel consumption, comforts and so on, each of them is factor influence people 's preference and choice of car.

This study is highly relevant to the topic of this research and demonstrates most of factors that will influent consumer purchase preference comprehensively and systematically. Although this survey collected data using questionnaires from 712 car buyers/owners by simple random sampling, there is not any variables about the respondents are addressed.