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The definition of emotions has been clearly stated by Robert Cooper in 1998, emotions are the human mental reaction such as happiness and anger which is inter-subjective to a specific object, and it shows how we feel and how we express our own feelings. Emotion is important to human beings to reflect their opinions to the others, more or less their feelings can affect the working life and also to the business they are working for. "Emotion has been rejected for many years as the messy.....but now it has become the latest business buzzword" Cooper also suggested that organizations in the past did not care about the emotions of employees, their feelings are not valued as important while the employers only cared about the quality of employees and the ability of getting work done or the skills are needed. (Redman.T, 2009) Meanwhile, no one will care about the feelings of employees no matter they satisfied with the work that they are having or not, managers just set them targets to meet before the deadlines come. Therefore, employees might be demotivated as they might lack of self-esteem, social status and feeling sad of they are just working for the organizations and not part of them.

On the other hand, the bodies of workers in the past simply meant the muscles and bones of the body which is the ability of handling physical work such as fruit and vegetable picking, digging and also they are called as manual labour. In the human history, people were not working together at first instead they were taking part in the primary work like farming which can feed themselves and their families. However from the mid 18th to mid 20th century, the post modern period, the industrial revolution has been occurred which introduced the centralization of production in mills and factories shifted the focus of work from the private to the