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And Blaise Mautin created the perfume

In a secret Parisian laboratory, filled with the worlds most wonderful scents and rare ingredients, Blaise Mautin assembles fragrances, feelings, sensations, emotions and finesse in his own unique way and forces them into a single elegant bottle to create the worlds finest 2 tailor made perfumes.

1999, Paris- The Blaise Mautin brand and studio is born


A scent for each At the time he entered the market,Blaise Mautin went against the grain,he wanted to create something unique with every fragrance. Working through a series of highly sophisticated and customized processes,he is able to create fragrances that reflect and express his clients individual tastes,personality and sensibilities. The end result is something truly special,a scent to last a lifetime..


An overnight success,news of his fantastic creations spread quickly through word of mouth and recommendations from delighted and amazed clients.


The world of high end luxury quickly responded and Blaise Mautin was commissioned to create tailor made fragrances for some of the worlds finest luxury hotels, private yachts and private airplanes. Blaise managed to meet the high demand for his products and services and continues to do so to this day,with each new project providing fresh inspiration for the parisian artisan to push the boundaries of perfection.

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When the senses meet the Master


Each and every Blaise Mautin scent is just as captivating by sight as it is by smell.


Leather craftsmen also work in conjunction with Blaise Mautin to create a case to house his wonderful creations,in 100% white lambskin leather,perfect for storage or display


Blaise Mautin works in collaboration with master glass blowers Saint Gobain,to create truly wonderful bottles to encapsulate his fragrance. With traditional techniques employed and tested through Saint Gobain's 20 year experience,this is french craftsmanship at best.

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The true centerpiece of the bottle,a jewel,designed and imagined by Blaise Mautin is manufactured by a master jeweler near the Place Vendome,Paris. Each diamond used is VVS1 White in clarity and color,adding a distinctive luxurious touch.


Elegant Chiffon from Lyon, France, known for its special ability to maintain a scent for long periods are also impregnated with Blaise Mautin fragrance, this approach offers the client versatility previously unavailable to the market.


Blaise Mautin, the perfumer & hospitality In the year 2000,the world famous Parisian hotel "Le Bristol" commissioned Blaise Mautin to create and imagine a fragrance for the hotel. the now famous scent is often a major talking point with returning guests,Parisian locals or new visitors to the hotel,evoking fond memories of there stay at this legendary parisian institution.


In 2002,Blaise Mautin launched his own line of fragrance and cosmetics bearing his name.


acting as an olfactory signature to The Park Hyatt,Paris Vendome.


Seduced by the grace and elegance of this fragrance,many prestigious institutions have since followed suit and partnered with Blaise Mautin to use this new concept of olfactory signature. Locations include The Maradiva in Mauritius,The Al Bustan Palace in Oman,The Hotel de l'Europe in Amsterdam Palace and “ Les Airelles” in Courchevel 1850.


Blaise Mautin…