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Assessment - Risk management plan

Risk management plan -annually charity function
The annual charity functions will be held in Canberra Albert Hall, which it is on Commonwealth Avenue between Commonwealth Bridge and the Hotel Canberra in the suburb of Yarralumla.

Venue Canberra Albert Hall have 340m2 in door area, and outdoor area. Stage for performances and dance floor are included. Main Hall 24.4m x 15.4m; Stage 8.7m x 7.1m; Ante Room 9m x 9m; Kitchenette (not suitable for food preparation); Foyer with box office; and Gallery. Approximately 180 chairs and 20 trestle tables. No crockery is provided.


| Area | Chairs around tables | | | Retail Sales | | | (assuming 20 tables with | Theatre Style | Dance | | | | 10 people per table) | | | | | | | | (no tables or | | | | | | chairs) | | Main Hall | 340m2 | 200 | 450 persons | 900 persons | 90 persons |

Function This charity function is support by a charity organization. There will items put on the side table near the entrance for auction, and 20 large tables in the room for arrival guests, which is approximately 200 guests. Function will use chairs around tables style (assuming 20 tables with 10 people per table). And alcohol are provided( RSA is required).

Potential risk Most potential risk list

- Alcohol problem
- Safety of outdoor area
- Venue safety
- Food and beverage safety
- Natural disaster
- Fire

Public liability

The Hirer shall indemnify and keep and keep indemnified the ACT Government, represented through the ACT Property Group, its employees and agents against all actions, suits claims and demands which may have been made by any person for damages for death, personal injury, damage or loss of property or financial loss arising out of or in connection with the use of Albert Hall including legal costs of any such actions, suits, claims and demands, except to the extent that any death, personal injury, damage or loss of property or financial loss was caused by the negligent or unlawful act or default of the ACT Government.

The Hirer shall insure against all such liability as is mentioned in subclause 12(1) in the sum or $20,000,000.00 and shall provide evidence to the manager of the currency of such insurance before the commencement of the hire.

An outline of the risk management process including implementation and monitoring prior to, during and post event.
Risk management process is divided into sex steps: a. Identify the Hazard b. Identify the Risk c. Assess the Risk d. Control the Risks e. Document the Process f. Monitor Hazard | Risk | Pre implementation | During | Post event | Alcohol problem | * People drunk talk and hit * People drunk and drive | Staff must have RSA | According to RSA take action. | According to the event can have taxi waiting. | Safety of outdoor area | People may drunk and hit | Staff must have training. | Supervisor must monitor outdoor | Police if Necessary | Venue safety | Stage safety Dance floor safety | Must check the ground safety couple times. | Call help | | Food and beverage safety | Food poisoning | Brief all the staff for special meal requirement | Supervisor must monitor during the event | Ambulance if necessary | Natural disaster | Earthquake | Insurance Forecast Emergency evac | Help evac | Report |

A record of consultation with relevant stakeholders as required by OHS legislation.
Consultation Implementation & Record IdentifiedStakeholder | Consultation Timeframe | Action | Outcome | Internal | | | | Team member | April 2011 Nov 2011 | Staff training PPE training Staff briefing sheetTime sheet Set up Serve | Job requirement Staff training Check list Running sheet | Function manager | Staff recruitment Nov 2011 | Staff training Staff list Manager meeting |…