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3. Critically evaluate Mearsheimer’s theory of offensive realism.

Introduction: clearly state the aims/objectives of the essay. How will you approach the question? What issues will you include?(300)

Realism is originally defined to be the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and to deal with such situations accordlingly. Therefore, the aim of this essay will be to look at John Mearsheimers theory of offensive realism and critically evaluate it accordingly. Before doing so it is important to understand the concept of Realism itself before tackling Mearsheimer’s view of offensive realism which is not completely identical to the customary realist values. Traditionally the central realist features were based around the fact that individuals within the state believe that the state is the principle actor in International Relations and that every citizen part of the state should let the government govern. However, within realism there are different branches which stem from within itself whether it be Classical Liberalism, Neo Liberalism or Structural liberalism who all have ideas and beliefs on what the State should and should not do, Although the different views of realism maybe labelled differently it is often the case that they have the same core fundamental principles of liberty, however differ in opinions as to how a state can deal with the influential powers in Global politics which arguebly make for certain aspects of Realism more appropriate than others. For example there may be certain states in which classical realism is more appropriate than defensive realism, just like it could be the case that in some states Offensive Realism is more appropriate.
So continuing this, it is important to understand that there is more to realism than just Mersheimers individual perception of realism which actually happens to contrast with other views of realism which have been brought forward by scholars such as Hans Morgenthau whose view of Defensive realism contrasts with the theory of offensive realism, which is evident in the actual titles given to the contrasting views (Realism, Defensive Realism). Having said that now the key strands to this piece of work is to outline Mearhseimers view of Offensive Realism and to contrast this view with other strands of Realism which will bring out the perks and flaws of his theory. 2. Main body of text: in a series of interlinked paragraphs fully explore the characteristics of the theory or theories you have selected for analysis i.e. key works of thinkers and main characteristics of theory/theories(600)

The view of Offensive Realism put forward by John Mearsheimer is that they take the opposite views to defensive realism on certain stances. As it is found that Defensive Realists who are influenced by Kenneth Waltz claim that it is not a good idea for states to seek maximisation of their global powers as they argue that the system would discipline them if they were to look for more power. Having said that, Offensive Realists such as John Mearsheimer would disagree with this idea of the defensive Realist as Offensive Realists would take a different view where they would aim for a strategy in which would allow the state to seek as much power as they could achieve. The reason in which Offensive realist seek for ultimate state power is because they have an alterior motive which defensive realists do not have as John Mearsheimers seeks for the pursuit of hegemony, which is the leadership and domincance by one state over others to ensure a proper rule over society[1]. On the other hand, Mearsheimers view of pursuing hegemony may contrast to the normal understandings of realism but nevertheless he and Kenneth Waltz understood that states must compete for power as it was mutually understood that it is not permissible for a state to have too much power as Realists understand that to be a negative thing as the state