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Joss Gilbert.
Film Review.
Into The Wild.
Director-Sean Penn.
Cast-Emile Hirsch, Vince Vaughn, Kristen Stewart, Hal Holbrook.

Into the Wild was originally a non-fictional book written by Jon Krakauer and made into a film written and directed by Sean Penn who is a well established actor and director.

Journeys of solitude and spiritual discovery normally evade most people, but not Christopher Mcandless (Emile Hirsch). Christopher gave up law school, gave all of his $24.000 to Oxfam, ditched his car, burnt his last dollars and without so much as a goodbye to his parents he left to go on the adventure of a life time with one goal in mind, Alaska. Renaming himself 'Alexander Super Tramp' he journeyed through America meeting many colourful and interesting people as well as living different experiences. Christopher eventually made his way to Alaska. Tragically Christopher Mcandless died 5 months after he arrived into the Alaska wilderness at the age of 24, he was found by rangers in September 1992. From the moment he left his comfortable middle class home Christopher kept a detailed journal of his everyday experiences which provided the material for Krakauer's book. Sean Penn took the book and made it into one of the most moving, emotional and visually stunning films of 2007. Emile Hirsch portrays Chris as a boy who should content and happy with the privileged life he has but in reality he is far from happy, living with his self absorbed and materialistic parents (William Hurt and Marcia Gay Harden). He suffers his family up to the point of graduating from Emory university in 1990, then puts his plan of leaving home to live a more for filling life free from the restraints of society. Hirsch is totally believable in the role of Chris showing us perfectly this friendly, fun and down to earth character. During his adventure he meets and spends time with a middle aged hippie couple (Catherine Keener and Brian Dieker), a wheat farmer in trouble with the law (Vince Vaughn), a love sick teenager (Kristen Stewart) and a lonely elderly man (Hal Holbrook). You can tell Chris enjoys being with these people and watching their brief relationships are the best parts of the film, but as soon as any of them get too close he turns away to continue his journey, you never fully understand why he does this. The film is partly narrated by his sister, Carnie (Jenna Malone) and in the narration it is suggested that his need to travel is born out of a