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Unit 4222-205
Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care

Outcome 1
A person may suffer from a sensory impairment such as poor or no hearing or sight that can lead to communication difficulties.
Individuals may lack the capacity to understand what is happening this could be for a number of reasons and can be long or short term.
Severely disabled.
Physically or emotionally weak.
Suffered brain injury.
Not having support networks around them.
Being cared for at home and are reliant on another person.

Outcome 2
1. Do not jump to conclusions, where practicable obtain information on the details of the allegation including if known the name of the allege abuser and the circumstances.
2. Tell the person who is reporting the abuse that you are going to inform the appropriate person, that you or the service will protect and support them, make a note of the disclosure and sing and date it, report to your line manager, senior manager, social services or police.
3. Evidence of abuse physical or sexual can be preserved by:-
Leave things as they are not touching anything,
Do not remove, clean or wash what the individual is wearing or handle the clothing or bedding.
Keep the area safe do not let anyone to enter the area.
Record and report carefully and in full that was told to you by both the individual and others if present at the time stating the facts only and use a body chart if needed.

Incidents of theft or financial abuse
With the persons consent secure all receipts, bankbooks, bank statements, and benefit books ECT.

Outcome 3
1. Local systems include social services, local safeguard team, and the police.
National polices include the human rights act 1998, and the equality act of 2000.
2. Different agencies and professionals are involved in safeguarding individuals all contribute to working together to prevent and protect adults at risk from abuse, they will ensure that they support people to make their own choices to investigate suspected or actual abuse and neglect.

The police They can investigate any crimes that are committed, if possible they will prosecute the suspected person, and they can also support the victim of a crime.

Various medical professions
These can examine and treat injuries, illness and medical conditions, in the case of suspected abuse they can gather evidence and they can be used as expert witness if needed.

Social workers
Social workers can offer a wide range of services to an individual they can access what a person will need to be fully supported, then make sure that the individual has access to all of those services.

Regulatory bodies
(Care quality commission)
All care providers have to register with these the body will then be able to regularly monitor that individuals under their care are protected at all times, they can also enforce any changes needed to uphold these standards.

Criminal records bureau
This agency protects service users by undertaking a criminal record check of all prospective employees; they will gather all criminal convictions a person has against them.

3. The latest case of a failed system to protect individuals from abuse is the jimmy Savill case, he was able to abuse children because of his high profile/pop image , people did try to come forward with allegations but were not believed because it was difficult to believe that someone with such power and trust would be an abuser.

Castelbeck winterbourne view, Bristol.
The daughter of an elderly woman in a nursing home grew suspicious when she noticed bruising on her mother’s arms after only being in the home for six weeks, she took it upon herself to put hidden cameras in her room, it recorded her mother who suffers from Alzheimer’s being slapped in the face, stomach, arms, her mother also had arthritis and was manhandled, she was not spoken to when staff went to see to her, they watched her