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Social Psychology

Self-esteem is the necessary value we own within self. In our daily lives we can either gain a positive sense of self-esteem or a negative sense of self-esteem. Positive self-esteem is the connections to relationships we have to the people around us. Self-respect, confidence, independence and freedom are all examples of the things that will impact how this particular need is met. Positive self-esteem can be valuable. People will often gain a sense of fulfillment, security, and confidence and will feel accepted. Negative effects of a poor sense of self-esteem are seen through the way people react; emotions, attitudes, actions, decisions. People may feel excluded and one’s self-dependence may be shattered rather than constructed. Perceptions of self-esteem can modify overtime. An example of modified self-esteem cab be found in my own experience. My self-esteem was on “The Dark Side” because I was constantly putting myself down and told myself that I was not good enough. Like the characteristics of “ The Dark Side of self-esteem in Social Psychology,” I did not love myself enough or at all and I was never happy with anything I did. I constantly criticize myself and I tried to break my own confidence down. I had poor socialization with others and lack of trust. My self-esteem was so low that I was diagnosed with depression. After I was diagnosed with depression I was forced to take various