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unit 51 Promote Communication in Health, social care or Children’s and Young Persons Setting
Confidentiality means information is kept secret and only shared with people who need to know. Bearing in mind and respecting other people rights. If you are uncertain whether a person has a right to access information and is requesting information from you, always check with your supervisor / manager or childminding support team.
It is your responsibility to ensure that any staff that is employed also adheres to good practice too. Staff must/need to understand and familiarise themselves with policy’s set around confidentiality. It is important to consider any information shared from parents. Children and other working professionals as confidential. This means any information that is not able to be obtained as a member of public.
This policy should cover many aspects of your work, including disclosure of information to internal and external sources, a clear working practice of how and what items need to be stored locked away in a filing cabinet or encrypted if on an electronic device, such as computer. Even when talking with friends colleagues whom may show just a general interest in conversation when visiting places such as play center’s or even supermarket, making sure that if specific questions such as “oh what school do you go to” is answered with caution and that answer is non-specific answer given.

The importance of confidentiality is taken so seriously that there is legislation in place that covers all information that