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To me research implies: To look up existing knowledge and to pursue for new information. It also requires reading about what experts in other fields have done to see further what previous researchers were able to see, not by rejecting the previous results of researchers but by being reliable on their findings, and building on that information. This task requires organization of acquired knowledge, interpretation and evaluation from the researcher. Research allows the individual to build up his/her own point of view regarding an specific theory.

Research and teaching are related because we as teachers want to have something special to offer in our classrooms. Based on the fact that teaching is not a delivery of learning, but a truly interacting experience, why not help to promote an experience that motivate students to think more critically, to reflect about their culture, to improve and consolidate more the educational system with dynamic innovations? All of these factors support the idea of how research is connected with teaching. If we as teachers motivate students to continue exploring and discovering different things during the learning process, we are going to contribute on to evolution of their learning process. We have a commitment with the quality of the learning process, and research will help us to find different ways in which we could understand better this process and reconnect with the idea of why we teach in the first place.

It is important to reflect on why we teach. We as teachers might find a way to track all our performance in order to get better…