Mrs. Pottom: A Short Story

Words: 513
Pages: 3

“How are you today, Mrs. Pottom?”
“I got you a sandwich; bologna, cheese, mayonnaise, and your favorite, cottage cheese.”
“Okay, you eat your sandwich, and I’ll put on I Love Lucy for you.”
Mrs. Pottom smiled widely. Her white hair laid in curls on her shoulders, and her blue eyes smiled at the television. Ayden put on I Love Lucy, and Mrs. Pottom drifted into past remembrance of her childhood.
It was the first of June, 1951. Annie was twelve years old and her family had just bought a television set.
“Annie, why must you constantly be inside watching television? You need to go outside and play.”
“But momma, this show is funny; it makes me laugh.”
“You can watch it anytime. Now, go outside.”
Annie pounced away as her mother