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Our personality is made up of different characteristic patterns of thought, feelings and behaviour that make us unique, personality arise from within the individual and remains fairly constant thought our life’s, it impacts on our behaviours and actions that cause us to act in certain ways in close relationships and social interactions. Personality refers to capturing or summarizing an individual’s essence, no two people are the same, it labels an obvious feature such as shy, introvert, extrovert, aggressive. Our personality makes an impression and is a general kind of skill that represents ourselves to others. A personality can be inherited from the moment we are born, we are moulded by our parents in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour. If a child is born into a loving family, being shown right from wrong, shown how to be loving, honest, and respectful towards others they will be accepted into society allowing their own personality to grow and become the person they want to be, if a child is born into a family where there is no love, maybe physical and mental abuse, having no morals, then the personality that develops within the child may not be acceptable in society, the child’s personality may be made up of anger and aggression blaming others for the way that they are, not being able to see that they can change. Many things affect our personality as children such as a child growing up with no siblings may find it hard to mix and share with others, a child who grows up with one parent may feel they have missed out on a normal childhood, a child (especially a boy) who grows up with a mainly female influence in their life’s may have a softer