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I presently serve has an active duty member in the United States Military, and here I can see how developments in information technology has help us to advance in ways that we could never imagine 90 years ago. I am station at one of the biggest military base in America and when there is any immediate danger, or threat to us soldiers, or to our civilian families living on the installation, the use of technology is use to broadcast news and alerts. For example, if there is an emergency all military personnel would receive a brief text message informing them what happened, where to go, and what they should do. We have different alert precautions steps for us to follow so that we and our family can all be safe. Every month the military team does a test run on the speaker system so that we can be prepared.
{Technology is not always safe in this world, on our jobs or even in our personal lives. Sometimes that which someone may invent in this world so that it can improve our daily living, others may use it to do more harm than good depending on the person and their intentions. } different paragI believe that development in technology has always been a part of the military, for example there were always weapons, vehicles, computers, planes, phones etc. {Arrange topic sentence} All of these item use technology and every few year these equipment became more developed and equipped. Military is based on warfare and the use of technology to the highest degree is a must. My current possion in the army which means my job description is a Tank Driver, the tanks are more advanced and develop than they were years ago. The tanks now has computerizes navigation system that is use to download maps from satellites anywhere in the world and can pin point our precise location anywhere we are and bring us back to our destination if we should get lost. For example when soldiers get deploy for training exercise overseas the equipment goes with them also so that the training can be