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As this letter reaches you I pray that your situation at your job is what you want it to be and that you can move forward knowing that you have done what you’ve set out to do in correcting this situation. Now as for me right now, I am at a crossroads in my life where I need to make some crucial decisions and I am giving it much thought concerning the next phase of my life.
With that said, I am emotionally DEAD. I am not sure that I want to continue to even be a mother to our daughter. I am just tired of so much that I’ve held inside. I know you are saying to yourself this drama has no place in your life and you are right HELEN has no place in your life!
One of the hardest decisions that I may make in my life is rather I am going to walk away from giving my daughter a two parent household, while I am emotionally dead. Yes, I am dead, because I have no real reason to stay. The sad part is that she will hurt but my staying would probably do more damage than leaving.
I am not proud of our situation and neither do I take the full blame for the demise of our relationship. You’ve consistently got back in bed with old relationships, never tried to improve the quality of our relationship, except for the few times of special occasions. Well, now I am so DEAD in this world, I just want to leave and never look back.
The only thing that keeps me moving these days is my daughter, but I fear my staying will be more harmful to DiAnna and you as well. I’ve come to you on several occasions to see if you could help me with my school work, but you didn’t have time to help me. You made quality time…