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6823587Question 1 I would make sure the environment is safe so that no one is hurt by checking if there are any leaks or any broken furniture like curtain rails if there is I would use a different classroom or remove the furniture. I would also check the temperature of the room. Secondly I would talk loud and clear so that all the children can hear me for any instructions that I would like to set, this would minimise any bad behaviour problems and make the children safe. I would also make sure the children would raise their hand for any queries by telling them to do so and by them following this everybody can listen and learn. As a teaching assistant I would be very helpful towards the class teacher and ask her if there is anything to do I that I could help with by following her instructions there will be more time for the teacher to teach. If any issues would arise I would inform the teacher. I would kindly arrange the children into groups of four to five per group as this would allow them to communicate with each other and help one another. This way the teacher and I would be able to take care of our own groups and this would create a very under controlled atmosphere. I would then help the children and pay attention to all especially the children that have a lack of confidence. Another way could be to sit all the children in a circle and show the children how the instruments should be used asking them questions and also telling them how the instrument sounds. I would make sure all children are contributing to the lesson by giving them enough attention and persuading them to play the instruments. Blowing a whistle could be a good way of telling them to start and stop and also would keep the children under control and could be fun for them too. I would keep my eyes on the teacher and children at all times. If I can see that there is any help needed by the teacher for example lifting any instruments or musical booklets to hand out I would go over to help. (I would help to hand out the musical note books another way is to use a whiteboard.) If I see a child and feel that he/she is struggling with the instruments I would help them by demonstrating how to play the instrument and asking them to try I would tell them that it’s a lot of fun and make it look interesting, this would also build up their confidence and show that they are being cared for.
To organise the instruments I would prepare this well ahead of time, so that are the instruments are ready for the children to use at the beginning of the lesson and no time is being wasted, this will give the teacher more time to teach. Maintaining the instruments could be some of the most important things to take care of because if an instrument is damaged a child could get hurt. I would display the musical instruments as the teacher wishes; this would make it easier for the teacher to teach. Safety would be a big responsibility, checking all are operating properly and are safe to be used. In order to maintain the learning resources the instruments would be put away appropriately, where they belong, any issues would be reported to staff so that they could be avoided in the future. I would ask all children to take responsibility in maintaining the equipment and get them actively involved by showing them how to put them away. If any whiteboard markers are needed for the teacher to use on the whiteboard I would get some from the stockroom and put them onto the whiteboard stand, and would also check if any board markers need to be ordered and let the teacher know if so. As a teacher assistant I believe it would be my duty to photocopy any music notes from books and to hand out for all the children to read from, making it easy to understand. I also would check for copyrights registered before photocopying as this should be shown on the back of the book bearing in mind that it is illegal to copy anything which is not allowed to be photocopied. The overhead