American Housewife Statistics

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The Housewife has been a staple in families for centuries, her duties are to cook, clean, care for the children, still sexually her husband please and in some cases manages the finances. The definition of a housewife, according to Merriam-Webster “a married woman in charge of a household”. The topic at hand is the “American Housewife” and in this author’s opinion; there is no more American Housewife, she has become the CEO, Doctor, and working woman that society has become accustomed to since the early 1940’s. Granted in some households where there were two parents or just two adults, both had to work in order to make ends meet, but women in the workforce were paid considerably less, this invoked numerous petitions, women’s rights movements, women’ suffrage etc.; this helped paved the way for women to step out of the shadows of men and become their own individual, but what happened to the American Housewife?
According to this is how the rankings for the American Housewives statistical data go:
* 16-21-74% * 22-30-13% * 31-40-1% * 40-Over- 3%
* African-American(Black)- 4% * Asian-American- 3% * European(Caucasian)-54% * Hispanic- 4% * Native American-4%
* Drop Out/GED-3% * High school Diploma-70% * Bachelor’s Degree-11% * Graduate/Ph.D.- 8%
Based on these statistics there are only American Housewives if she is under 21 but over 16, and only have a high school diploma. What does that say? According to statistical data it shows that more women with education and still young and “firm” are available to become housewives, but lack higher education(even an Associate Degree is considered higher Ed.) because in most fast food restaurants a high school diploma/GED is required. This statistical data has proven that society has done a “number” on the American Housewife, but what has the media (print. TV, internet and radio) done to the American Housewife?
TV and the internet are the