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Nowadays, people live much longer than before. For example, the average age in China was about fifty years old a decade ago, but now it is about seventy years old. Even in some areas, the average age is over one hundred years old. There are similar changes in age in the US and other countries. There are so many reasons to explain the rising life expectancy. This essay will point out three main causes of increased life expectancy that are the development of food condition, the improvement of medical technology, and the increasing awareness of physical training. The development of food condition contributes to human longevity. Foods are more nutritious than they were years ago. The supermarket called Whole Foods, which is famous for organic foods, is the most popular market in Providence. People prefer to buy foods from Whole foods to make them healthier. Furthermore, people drink untainted mineral water, numerous kinds of juice, and milk with abundant vitamins every day. However, there are many types of beverages nowadays compared to just five years ago. What has most influenced today’s longevity factor is eating habits. On television or through the Internet, people learn more about how to keep nutrient balance. Generally, it is well known that many universities in the US have supported eating healthy courses for many years. The improvement of modern medical technology is also an exceptionally essential reason. Advanced equipment helps doctors test diseases that could not be examined in the past. Moreover, skilled doctors with higher degrees and great technology have improved the medical field. Especially in the dental technology, they are advantageous to life longevity. Unfortunately, many people died of a toothache several decades ago. In addition, less negative effects of pills today make people live longer which result from the improvement of medical technology. For instance, some pills that used to treat a cold brought a negative effect, a headache. Nevertheless, pills have improved the common cold to make people suffer less and feel healthier. Another indispensable cause is the strong awareness of physical training. In the past, only athletes did exercises to keep fit and made progress in their fields. However, recently almost everyone has gotten used to doing sports. More gyms make it