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Gryphon Growing up as a student we learn from our teacher. Typically a student wants a good and fun outgoing teacher. What makes a teacher a good teacher to students? In a short story called
“Gryphon” by Charles Baxter, We can see how a substitute teacher Ms. Ferenczi shows evident details on what it means to be a good teacher.
We as students know best what makes a good teacher good. We want someone who won't give us a basic 500 year old routine, spice it up with something different, change the aspects of teaching, spice it up with modern teachings, bring knowledge that kids are familiar and bring into your teachings. We want someone who would actually care about our feelings and bring some excitement into their routines of teaching. A good teacher has to teach us in what ever form we learn best so that he or she can be a key for each student’s unique learning skills. Every students has different ways of learning things, to be able to bring excitement into teaching we need to know what all students have in common in their daily routines and activities, figuring out what environment the students learn best, equals to greater success into the students learning capability. We would want someone who is engaged and is ready to stimulate our minds with knowledge but in the form where we could have fun while learning. Being able to work with students then forcing them to learn the unnatural way to learn would be much harder for a student to comprehend on the learning materials, whereas working with the students and working with what they are good at and putting the fun into learning would change the child views on education. Students these days feel like learning materials are being force upon them but putting the learning material in the way they learn best is best option to go, it would be very beneficial for the teacher to use these techniques to work with children not molding them into something


they aren’t use to learning. Change up the teaching habits. The new learning techniques such as technology gives little kids and students an unique fun way to learn and become knowledgeable on what ever subject the student is learning on.
Ms. Ferenczi was first introduced to a fourth grade class when their teacher Mr. Hibler developed a cough. The class was surprised to see that Ms. Ferenczi was not from Five Oks, a small town who employed the unemployed. When Ms. Ferenczi walked into the room, her appearance caught the students eyes. She was wearing a purple purse around her not looking like a typical women from Five Oks. Before she started the class she talked about her self to comfort the students of her background. Which show she cared to share her background so the students did not view her as a complete stranger, giving comfort showed that Ms. Ferenczi had a warm heart and was friendly. We as students love when teachers give us a little knowledge about themselves. It makes the teacher look cool and not boring. It also makes the students feel a lot closer to the teacher.
She started the class with a reading lesson the class normally does. After reading she moved on to math which apparently John Wazny had to go through the tables of six in front of the whole class. When John said a wrong answer the teacher did not correct him. Once one of the
Eddy’s twins heard she desperately raised her hand and stated that John was wrong and that 6 times 11 isn’t 68, but told the answer was 66! She pointed out that Ms.Ferenczi told John he was right when he was not. We can see that the teacher did not want to make John feel bad in front of the whole class. In some case We see that a child can get upset and emotionally destroyed because the class could potentially make fun of the student. In a way Ms.ferenczi did a very positive thing where most teacher would put their student on the spot and make the student


uncomfortable even when they don’t mean too. She