Ms. Lockhart, A Short Story

Words: 332
Pages: 2

“Ms. Lockhart, she just called my story crap”, I said as tears are running down my face.
As I have said before Ja’net, workshops sometimes sting!
I am thinking to myself, this is not going as well as I thought.
“Ok, class finish up your readings, and change to the next person, we have to get this done quickly”, Ms. Lockheart advises.
As I am trying to recover from my conversation with the she-devil. I smelled the most awful smell in the world. As I turn around, I see a man with torn clothing, rubber like skin, no teeth, and patches of missing hair. As I look closely, I saw who it was.
“You dug up Ernest Hemingway to workshop my story”!?, I cried out.
“As I have told you before Ja’net, workshops sometimes sting”! Ms. Lockhart says with clothespin