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Marina Luta History of Psychology, Thursday 6:00 pm.
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Hellen Th. Wolley and her Contributions in Psychology
By Samantha Ragsdale


The author, Samantha Ragsdale, in this article has brought up some facts based on research done by Ms. Helen Th. Woolley, her contributions in psychology “firsts”, women evolution and her important role in child welfare reform. There was research done on sex-differences and the environmental influences it had in women’s role. Based on her life history, she was leading in different positions, and worked in research laboratories, psychologist, professor, director. She influenced child welfare and psychology field with her research study.

Why did you select this article?

I think it is interesting to know more of woman movement in early times. The central focus in this article is women movement and child welfare reform. It is great to know the people that started the movement towards woman’s rights. Knowing and appreciating what other people in previous decades or centuries have been through, will help us to reflect in today in women’s rights and their evolution. If we don’t see what people, especially have been through we wouldn’t know what we are capable of. Another main reason that I choose to write about this article, is the fact that this woman Helen Thompson Woolley, is not just an example, but an inspiration and motivation for the new generation with her influence in women’s evolution. She was able in her times, at some point to break up that mentality of women being lower level than mans, and proving it by doing research on them. As a result, there were findings which showed that perceptions viewed from the opposite sex in society towards women were not corresponding to their opinions. She was able to do research and see the actual differences between the two sexes, and the capabilities of what were able to overcome. There are many contributions made by her hard work in society and the way it influences the psychologists today on their research.

There were other major influences that she had a huge impact in society. She has a great influence in child labor and their school performance. Based on her research she had on children going to school and children that did not go to school but had to work, and the effects being found on their IQ. On her studies she found that children that go to school have an increase in their IQ and their physical health appears to be better. She had a tremendous role with her research work on child welfare movement as well.

What were the author’s reasons for writing the article? The reasons that the author wrote this article might be as many, but over all I would say that woman movement is still an issue for today society, so this is a way of showing the importance and efforts that were given by previous psychologists. Author intentions were to bring out the contributions that were made by Ms. Helen Thompson Woolley in women evolution and the child welfare protection. This is a way to show today’s society that these are major issues that need attention and work in order to get improved. It is another way to tell and motivate women that it is possible for you all to get all your rights and have a higher education because you got all the opportunities to keep going and achieve your goals. Women have a very important role, and that it has a huge impact in overall society.

Summary of the major historical content.

It has been a huge contribution in women history, and child welfare reform. It leads us as a new generation that struggles of women role and child conditions have been very hard but still barriers always have solutions. There have been so many hardships that would stop people/women from achieving, but if there is will for success it is achievable, no matter the sex- differences and their barriers.