Sharing Learning Experience With Children

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Sharing learning experience with children
1. Know how children learn

1.1. Identify how children can learn

Playing - Playing indoors and out, alone and with others, and allows children to find out new things
Communicating with friend and family members - Talk helps children to understand what they experience and share their own ideas.
Being active - Young children need to move, and learn and remember things by taking experiences in through the senses as they move.
Exploring new things and experiences- Children's deep curiosity leads them to use all their senses to explore in real hands-on activities.
Talking to themselves – they take on imaginative roles and rehearse their skills.
Practising, Repeating, applying new skills - Rehearsing skills in similar tasks or new contexts helps children to build mastery
Having fun – making learning fun for children can help and develop their skills as they will be interested in new experiences.
Being shown how to do things - Children learn skills by watching others or being shown how to do something. Adults or peers may directly instruct, model, guide or demonstrate.

1.2. Outline ways that children use senses to find out about the world:

Eyes – They are used to help a child see something that is physically there.

Ears –Hearing helps you to learn and to communicate with everyone around you.

Mouth – it allows you to taste the good things that you like to eat

Nose – It allows you to smell and to taste the food you eat.

Hands – To touch and feel objects around you

1.3. Reason why it is