How Did The Civil War Start

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If you asked someone the question “What happened in the civil war?” they’d probably give you an elementary school answer such as, “Well that’s when Lincoln freed the slaves bro.” But not very many people would really be able to tell you and answer the more specific questions such as, how the former slaves felt about their freedom, or how the war even started in the first place, so I set out to try to answer a few questions that came to mind.
How did the civil war start? Although a very big part was slavery, I think something a lot of people don’t take into consideration is that a HUGE cause had to do with the federal government telling the states what they could and could not do. They told the states they couldn’t have slaves anymore. That would overall change their entire lifestyle. They used slaves for up keep in their homes, as well as to keep their businesses going; Tobacco making and cotton fields (most likely). Without all of their slaves they’d probably be at major a loss. Losing cheap laborers to help with their houses and working in the cotton fields (and with that entire process) and taking that away, would without a doubt slow down the businesses and also probably lower their income as well.
How would our country be different if the South had won the war? In my opinion, if the Confederacy had gained its independence it would not have lasted long. Because of how it was based, it relied on the principle of secession. I really don't think it would have been